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My tat, let me show you it

“Just got my Zelda tat touched up. The artist did an amazing job, and I'm very happy with the work he did.”

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 19/NOV/06
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Ve-he-he-hery nice, Mikey. That's a pretty groovy tat. Been thinking about getting something gaming-related somewhere on my body, it would have to be iconic and recognizable to just about everyone in the public though. Probably Pac-man.
Get something like this: http://www.pennyarcademerch.com/pat090021.html

The picture at that link, not the link itself. Although if you wanted to have a URL tattooed on your body, go ahead.
Nice! I like the coloring on that. Very well done.

I've given thought to a tattoo and may well get one, one day. I'll probably go for something symbolic, as well....but not game related. I've considered getting a small one of the top of my foot, but I've heard that that is a muy painful place to be inked.
Oooo Nicely done! Love the colouring. I've still not decided on which "game tat" I will be getting. But once my "identity" tats are done I plan on taking a break and getting at least 2 tats based off some of my top fav games of all time.

>.> Is it weird to admit I've contemplated the dog from Duck Hunt as one?
Hmm, it's more orange then I would like, but it's nice. If I ever get a tattoo, it'd be the Triforce on my left hand.
The orangeness is more the result of poor lighting and me using my iPhone upside down. It's actually mellowed into a rather nice gold-yellow color.
@lotusthefallen That would more likely make people want to shoot you, or kick your ass. If I saw it, I'd make sure to give it a good slap myself ~.^
@lotusthefallen Not weird at all, as long as the dog is being violently sodomized by a Nintendo Zapper.
@Shademonger I was actually thinking of maybe having the dog at gunpoint- with the Nintendo Gun- by a Duck.
@KatrinaTheLamia hahaha I'd let ya. But it is one of the many ideas I've been tossing around. That and a Ms. Pac-Man one of her chassing the cherry around my arm with a ghost on her ass.
@lotusthefallen heh... I dunno... I've always thought of Ms. Pac-Man as Pac-Man after a trip to Thailand for a certain set of surgical procedures ~.^
Since no one pointed it out...

You got a pimple in that photo
@KatrinaTheLamia *snickers* I don't think I can come up with a comment. I'm laughing too hard.
@Mishy lol I was leaving the comment obsolete just for you.
My dermatological issues aside...

Any other _actual_ gaming tattoos out there?
One of my friends has megaman, mario, and recently added the pokemon gengar.

I don't have any actual photos, but this is the exact print he used for gengar (and is exactly what it came out to look like):
gengar pokemon
@colliny2k That Gengar is...amazing...*eyes well up with tears*...too beautiful...should have sent....a poet...
no tats per gaming, but i do know of a guy around here that branded his left shoulder....yes...branded like a cow...with the Gears of War logo.
That's sick (in a bad and 1% awesome way). That's super-permanent. Wonder how one gets to the point of fanboyism where you will actually brand yourself with a game logo.
I don't know, but you won't see me ever going around with hanger wire, a propane torch and too much free time on my hands to do something that insane for any game.
Nice tattoo! I'm a Zelda fan, and I like this particular design, so good choice. :) Tattoos are too permanent for me personally, so I don't have any myself.
@wastelander75, Your denials are far to precise. You are the branded gamer aren't you. Admit it, and the truth will set you free (the truth and some pics posted to gamerDNA. ;-P
the only geekdom I have is that I wear a cog tag I got off ebay. Hey it was cheap at 2 bucks. couldn't pass it up.
@wastelander75 that is pretty geek.

...I like it, haha.
but that is awesome myk. how much did it cost to get it done?
It was originally $80, but the parlor I go to doesn't charge for touch-ups. My skin doesn't seem to like ink very much, but even now that it's been over a week the colors are still vibrant, even on my shoulder tat (ask nicely and I might post a pic) the colors are very vibrant. I guess it just takes a couple gos before my skin finally gives in and says "Allright. You can have it this way, but when your teeth run off to join some rampaging scandalous roaming zoo dont come crying to me. I swear,

I need to stop posting after my nighty-night pills.
Nice man, that looks great. i always told myself if i ever got a Zelda tat, it would be something like that, or the Shiekah eye...
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