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mykalgaidin said...
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I've been playing games over at Kongregate to the point that I've been neglecting my 360, thus making my Gamefly subscription seem like a bad idea. Anyway, if anyone here is also over there, send me a friend request. Same user name, because I have no imagination and am also quite lazy.

Sonny (WEB)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 11/APR/08
Electric Box

Electric Box (WEB)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 19/FEB/09
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mykalgaidin - gdna used to support kongregate integration. Because we haven't seen it work, we removed it to clean things up a bit. Would you like us to put this back in and prioritize it on the roadmap?
If it's something that can be done and is mutually beneficial for gDNA and Kongregate, then go for it. gDNA has always been a place to bring together the entirety of our gaming experiences, and right now Kongregate is a big part of my experience. It just wouldn't be right to leave it out if there's a chance it can be reintegrated.
What is Kongregate?
I will get on it when I get there my dear friend!
I have an account there, though I play there quite infrequently. My id is also the same.
@PimpMethod About the only thing Gamestop's done right in the digital realm.
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