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mykalgaidin's gameplay for World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)

mykalgaidin played World of Warcraft

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mykalgaidin said...
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Trinii hit lvl 20 today! Still working on building up her Mining and Skinning professions and starting to sell the results of her labors at the Auction House. Makes more sense, because if I sell 20 Copper Bars to a merchant I'll get 2 silver max. At the Auction House I can get up to 2 gold. Bit of a difference. I've hit a few quests that will require some grouping, so I'll have to start looking with a bit more seriousness.
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 23/NOV/04
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Vendors can really rip you of, which you'll only realize once you find out about the AH and learn which items are wanted.
Anyway, good luck doing business! :)
Back when I played, I found this addon to be a huge help when dealing with the auction house.

Thanks, arislyn. I'll download it once I get home. I've found roughly half my gear at the auction house, the rest were drops. Guess I've gotten somewhat lucky, but since this is my first time through it's hard to tell. Now I just need to find a good source of tin...
Congrats on ur lvl 20 ^_^. I used to love playing that game all the time. lol made my ex really mad too lol. You can find tin usually in the AH, but it's not to hard to find in the wild either, just takes a bit. If I still played, (my account is just frozen ) I'd send you anything you needed for your lvl and training your skills ^_^.
That's right neighborly of you. :) I've been doing pretty good on my own, though. Still have no real interest in joining a guild. Haven't even grouped much. All the quests that recommend grouping so far I've been able to do on my own.
When I played, I joined quite a bit after everybody else I knew, originally lagging behind 20, later 10 levels.
Because of this I played most of the game alone, but really that's now how you're supposed to play an MMORPG.

Of course you should play it however you want, but when I think back about it, maybe if I played with others more, I wouldn't have grown bored with, and annoyed at the game as quickly as I did.
In other words, my tip is: do give playing with others a few tries! :)
I've been having a blast on my own. I'm not ruling out grouping, just not really actively looking right now. Mostly because I don't usually like most people. Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid.
Congrats on hitting 20! I just got my druid to 10. And my paladin to 31, my shaman to 62, and my hunter to 80. :)

You mentioned buying most of your gear on the AH. I wouldn't bother with that, especially at level 20. As you level, you're going to get gear improvements through drops and quests so fast that it may be a waste of money. Auctioneer is a great addon for selling on the AH, though. And Questhelper is great in conjunction with Cartographer, too. It pinpoints where to go to complete your quests and puts it on a map with an arrow for you. Nothing wrong with playing the old fashioned way either, though. :)
I just recently let them freeze my account because I gained 30 pounds playing WoW over the last 2 years.....lol Recently quit cigarettes too so when I lose at least 2o pounds and have been cigarette free for 30 days will reward myself by reactivating my account. Anyway, you really do need to make a few friends there because a lot of the instances (where the best gear drops!!) require 5 people and when you hit lvl 80 end-game raids take either 10 or 25 well geared and skilled players. It is a LOT of fun but also majorily addicting.
Gratz. I've a level 80 and a few level 40+es. Love the game as well and my gf plays avidly (she was one of the top PVP rogues on my server for some time but has since given up PVP). Guild's aren't really necessary (nice, but not necessary) until you reach the endgame at which point raiding will become a primary focus (unless you PVP). Raids really do require the support of a good guild so one can get used to play styles of your fellow raid members. To be sure, you can PUG (pick up group...non-guild) raid instances but rarely are they as successful as guild groups.

Good luck and good fortune in the game to you.
Good Job, I play on Arygos. I have a lvl 80 SV Hunter almost full valarious gear, (missing boots) I also have several 40's So I know the fun! Look me up Valqyrie (Arygos server)
I have time left on my Eldre'Thalas account but I am done. The time sink was killing me again and I have done so much more and been more relaxed since giving it up last week. BTW anyone want a tiered geared raiding Alliance pally ? email me :O)
I used to play a lot, I haven't had my account active in a couple months though (I did a 14 days trial of WotLK, but couldn't level my characters past 70, which is where they were to begin with, heh, so I just played a DK up to 70. Max'd his mining skill while I was at it, which took a full 20 hour mining marathon to get me up to being able to mine in Outlands, which is about where you start off as a DK (You do the initial storyline, starting at level 55, and by the time you are done, you'll be level 58, ready to quest in Outlands.)

I know a lot about the game though (I've have three 70s and plenty of lower characters (20-40's) so if you have any questions, you can always e-mail me, I'm good with the market and knowing where to grind (Levels and Professions).

Also, as was mentioned, you really shouldn't bother buying gear from the AH if you are somewhat actively playing. You level up fast enough that the gear is quickly obsolete, meaning you have to pay for MORE gear every 5-10 levels. The period from 30-55 seems to go slowly if you don't have a plan, but if you are focused you can knock out those levels in just a couple days of /played time (Which is a fairly accurate indicator of how far along you are, much so than how long you have been playing the game, as it only takes into account how long you have been logged into the game.) If you have spending more than a couple hours at any one level, you need to re-evaluate your plan, because you can knock them out really fast if you know where to go.

Anyway, if anyone has questions feel free to e-mail me (jedidiah.bird@gmail.com) and I'll try and help you out. Conversely, if anyone wants to buy an account o.O....
Currencies of MMORPGs are usually highly MUDflated (very high prices for rare and luxury goods, very low prices for common goods). Mainly due to the large amount of money pumped into the economy via RMT and other unbalanced transactions. While you might enjoy getting a few gold (because RMT- or main-supported twinks are able to afford it) for your copper all players of your server would be better of in general if auction house prices reflected the a supply and demand solely based on the "honest" input and output of every single avatar.
Hello there,
I have been playing for over a tear, My hunter and lock are both 80.. I have a rougur that is 43 and a mage at 33. The game i very addictive and to be honest it was fun leveling my hunter alone cause sheroscks. Everything everyone is telling you are true and it is wise to pick up a tank and priest "friend" along the way. If you can make contact with a higher level they can run you through the lower level instamces and you can get some aedome gear that way also. I have done it many times for people.
Good luck gaming

Thing is, people pay for convenience. Why shouldn't you charge good money for something that someone needs but is too lazy to go get themselves? Used to be a lucrative business flying to Dustwallow Marsh every couple days buying First Aid recipes and throwing them on the AH for 10-100x their NPC price. And people PAID it, because it was convenient to do so, rather than spend their time and effort going to retrieve the items themselves. Things like Copper Ore and the like are no different, in fact, should charge more, due to the fact that players have to FIND the stuff, and you can't just load your bags at one place. You actually have to spend time searching getting 2-5 Ore per vein, so it could take 4-10 nodes, depending on your luck, to make that 2g. And sometimes you'd have to be running around for 15 minutes or more to find the nodes. Certainly, there are addons that make it easier, and if you know what you are doing you can be very proficient (Thats how I leveled from 1-300 mining on just one Saturday) but it still takes effort, effort that should be worth something to the schmuck sitting at the AH buying all the mats he needs to powerlevel his professions.
I agree totally with the comment above. It is so much more rewarding and in-expensive to do it yourself. It is those that chooose to go to the AH driving prices up and taking the easy way out. Just goes to show what people do in real life, the easy way no matter who it affects
I don't know enough about the WOW economy to comment on whether or not prices are fair, but what BrotherGrymm said makes sense. WOW isn't unlike real life in that regard.

Physical goods aren't the only things of value. Not-material services cost time, effort, and therefore also money. Goods and services that are scarce will cost more than goods and services that are abundant.
As long as I make a bit of gold off of something I'm doing anyways, I'm happy. Never even considered buying gold with my real money. I'd rather work for what I get. Appreciate it more that way. I've worked my butt off getting to 40 (without grouping or joining a guild) and it makes Trinii mean a lot more to me than if I'd paid somebody to level her for me.
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