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mykalgaidin played Metroid: Zero Mission

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mykalgaidin said...
  • happy
Love this game. Metroid: Other M looks like fun, but we need another 2D Metroid!
Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Platform Shooter
Release Date: 10/FEB/04
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I agree completely! What ever happened to the original Metriod games?! I couldn't get into all the 3-d ones. They looked ok but it was hard for me, growing up with the 2-d generation of Samus
I enjoyed the 3D Metroids, and can appreciate the effort it took to translate the formula into a third dimension. The first Metroid Prime was a revelation; that jumping and exploration can be done well in a first-person perspective.

Still, 2D Metroid is what I grew up with as well, and I can only replay the few released so many times.
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