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mykalgaidin's gameplay for Dissida Final Fantasy (PSP)

mykalgaidin played Dissida Final Fantasy

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mykalgaidin said...
  • excited

Sorry about that. Had to be done. If you have a PSP and access to a WiFi connection, get on to the PS Store and download this demo! It's like 70 mb, and it's *free*!
Dissida Final Fantasy

Dissida Final Fantasy (PSP)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 25/AUG/09
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I have the demo, and as I explained in a blog post I wrote last week, I want somebody to speed up time until we get to August 25 or whenever the release date is for this game is.
Good. Somebody out there listens.

Which character is your favorite? I find Cloud is the perfect combination of speed and power.
Ah the fighting game of Final Fantasy. It looks interesting, I guess since it has Kefka I might get it. But my fanboy for the FF series has been dying out. Since the FF games have been disappointing me.
Hell, I just fought Kefka. And whupped him.
How is the game play on it? Worth the trouble?
Absolutely. I've worn down the battery on my PSP three times playing the damn thing. You know how at the end of Advent Children Cloud and Sephiroth are running up walls, jumping onto and over debris while swinging their swords at each other? It plays kind of like that, only you're controlling it. It also uses the engine from Crisis Core so the graphics are pretty good, too.
Sorry man, I don't own a PSP. I kind of gave up on all hand-held devices after Gameboy Advanced. I was so excited for that thing and than when I got it (almost a month early from Japan), I found out the screen was impossible to even see. Biggest disappointment in my gaming career. It's sad really...because I know the DS is really awesome...and while I haven't heard too many awesome things for PSP, I know there are at least a few.
I dislike FF period. The gameplay for me is dodgy at best and the storylines well. In not going to get started on those
I'd say that this game, along with Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus, make the PSP worth getting. Plus, there are other games that I haven't played that are probably pretty good.
@Mishy: This game isn't like other FF games. Think Power Stone meets Final Fantasy, they have rough sex in the back of a 65 Chevy, and this game is the glorious outcome. It has a few rough edges (camera issues will plague games until the end of time) but it is sublime nonetheless.
Maybe but i won't spend my precious valuble money that has such a slow income for me on a PSP to get 3 games that I'd rather know more about and that sort of thing. My money needs to be saved for the chain of games going to come out
Once I get a new PSP (soon, maybe) I'll send my old one your way, Mishy. It's a first-gen PSP, but it works perfectly.
Heh yay fun an old psp
@Mishy Complaining bout a gift?
Yes, I realize that the last post was 9 months ago...xoaks...
@rawkr not really complaining, feigning enthusiam is closer, PSP's have never got much attention from me since I've never found a game I've wanted
The games I would cite are not your kind of games... coded arms, maybe god of war? A GTA spinoff perhaps? They did an updated version of Megaman X that looked pretty cool. Nevermind... I use mine as a music player.
I have FFT and Crisis Core, and a smattering of other games, but Music is its main use. Holding it makes my hands hurt after a few minutes, not ergonomic at all.
I could have gotten an iPOD but I THOUGHT there might be some games worth playing on the POS, guess I was wrong... No Mykal, not the slightest bit interested in Dissidia. I already played Energeiz.
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